Babies #88 and #89: Hannah and Hayden

Now more than ever, life returned to normal as usual in the household. It was the last days of Lanie and Ludmilla’s toddlerhood, and the final days of Cameron in the house.
 photo Screenshot-477640x480_zpsa1ba6908.png

All of a sudden, Honeydew went into labor. I was ready to meet the new babies already. Hopefully they both inherited their supernatural genes.
 photo Screenshot-478640x480_zps7fe35c07.png

However, they did not inherit most of their mother’s looks.

Meet Baby #88, Hannah.
 photo Screenshot-479640x480_zps5cb0f182.png

She was born with the traits Friendly and Couch Potato.
 photo Screenshot-480640x480_zpsdc29baa2.png

Meet Baby #89, Hayden.
 photo Screenshot-481640x480_zpsb21d0689.png

He was born with the traits Loves the Outdoors and Easily Impressed.
 photo Screenshot-482640x480_zps0aa2feb4.png

Hannah had one thing on her mind, and it was improving her Logic skill.
 photo Screenshot-483640x480_zpsce5374b6.png

Hayden and Hannah both were born werewolves, so at least I got those supernatural traits from the children that I wanted.
 photo Screenshot-484640x480_zpsf064ff7b.png

Both children were fascinated with the toys in the house.
 photo Screenshot-485640x480_zps95dde996.png

 photo Screenshot-486640x480_zps04c3bf73.png

It was also Prom night for my boy Cameron, his last hurrah before transitioning into Adulthood.
 photo Screenshot-487640x480_zps20db070e.png

I continued to mourn each night for my fallen daughter. I had not made any progress yet in getting the ingredients to bring Adelia back to life.
 photo Screenshot-488640x480_zps56d620a5.png


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